Wireless Services

Through decades of experience in providing superior wireless services on a global scale, our experts know what you need and when you need it. Our range of wireless services ensure you’re protected, ready and operating with confidence.

Our standard list of services include:

Through our partnership with leading cyber security readiness provider GreyCastle Security, we are able to provide our clients with industry leading offerings that ensure your organization is well positioned now and into the future.

Increase control and security of your wireless users and assets.

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Send and receive text messages to and from consumers around the world.

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Take advantage of your private network or operate safely outside of it when necessary.

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Utilize our GSMA compliant eSIMs provided to the device via a QR code.

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Private Networks

We provide hosted and on-premise core network services for Private LTE and CBRS networks. These services allow enterprises to increase both control and security of wireless assets within their private domains.

Note: All private networks require licensing by the appropriate governing body (i.e. NTIA, FCC, etc.). AssuredTek will not deploy or support any private network without proper licensing and associated documentation.


Hybrid Networks

Our global (MVNO) carrier relationships allow users of a private network to roam onto carrier networks across the world, allowing you to take advantage of your private network when it’s available, while also allowing you to operate outside the confines of the enterprise footprint when necessary. The Hybrid Network provides global connectivity while allowing private entities to control their subscriber database and network access.

Consumer Messaging Services

Our SMS/text messaging services are only available to consumers using our Private or Hybrid Networks. Customers on one of our Private Networks will only be able to send and receive messages to and from other consumers on the same private network. However, when utilizing our Hybrid Network, a customer will be able to send and receive text messages to and from consumers around the world.

Note: Messaging on the Hybrid Network is for consumer-to-consumer communication only. AssuredTek’s messaging service is subject to compliance with all CTIA guidelines. Click here for details.

The following are high-level CTIA compliance requirements (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Balanced traffic (similar inbound and outbound message count)
  • Less than 1,000 messages per day
  • Fewer than 60 messages per minute
  • Non-repetitive messages


Through our global partners, we have the ability to provide embedded SIM cards (eSIMs) for private network operators. Our eSIMs are provided to the device via a QR code and are GSMA compliant.
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