Slide An innovative tool built to provide greater control of your edge assets through the separation of the management and data planes.

The confident guardian to your enterprise edge assets

Corso permits network admins to manage a device and its connectivity without being in the data path itself, allowing for the immediate termination of data access for compromised assets.

Corso Capabilities

  • Isolates mobile assets such as IoT devices, tablets and hotspots from corporate infrastructure, while maintaining full control of the asset.
  • Manages and monitors the end device over a dedicated management plane, without comingling with or contaminating user data.
  • Scans user data and messages off-net for potential malware and other unwanted intrusions.
  • Corso establishes a Virtual SIM assignment that:
    • Provides greater security by using different SIMs and carriers as the device traverses the globe.
    • Allows the end device to take advantage of local cellular coverage, reducing data roaming fees.
    • Enables cellular coverage in nearly every country around the world, using our global carrier relationships.
  • Tracks device location in the absence of a GPS signal (i.e. a warehouse or an airport terminal).

Corso Enterprise Edge Protection

Securing Edge Assets & Assuring Privacy

Vizla Capabilities

Companies can achieve compliance, mitigate active threats, and enhance IT efficiency.
  • Rapid and concise information gathering
  • Targeted information assurance
  • Faster decision-making
  • Actionable intelligence for pressing needs
  • Extensive endpoint assessment and threat data integration

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